Your One Stop Shop for Video Production Services in the Midwest.

Additional Services

We are a full service production facility that can handle every detail of your project. Need 2000 copies? We can do it. Need the program in another city within the next four hours? We can do it. We are doing our job when you know you can pick up the phone, tell us what you need, then feel confident knowing it will get done accurately, efficiently, on budget and on time.

Additional Services we provide:

  • Scripting and storyboarding
  • Video Approval via Internet
  • Compression - Windows Media, Quicktime, MPEG 1,2 & 4, AVI,
  • Flash, MP4 / H.264, Real Media
  • Video via iPod, iPhone and Cell Phone
  • Web Streaming - Live stream, edited stream, On Demand download or archived media.
  • Duplication Services for all video and compressed formats. A comprehensive list of our duplication service is available with a phone call.
  • Satellite Uplink - VYVX Point to Point Access
  • Transcription, Captioning and Subtitling
  • PR Services - EPKs, SMTs, media trainings, distribution and monitoring
  • Events! We have an event team that coordinates national campaigns.
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