"I am always in process, awakening through an interface within the world of entertainment, advertising and marketing. I always strive for a more inclusive awareness for my clients' brands resulting in a world-centric framework of perception and connection."

Michael LaBellarteMichael LaBellarte

Director Branded Content


Well known as an award-winning director and editor in advertising, Michael now turns towards branded content.

Lauded for creative storytelling and strong visual skills based on 20 years experience at the forefront of emerging technology, as a Director he can incorporate the best tech offerings with classic filmmaking, meshing them in seamless form as the occasion demands.

"My clients, partners, producers and friends have created some amazing concepts for films, integrated campaigns, websites and mobile apps covering a wide variety of entertainment stories and/or products. Their need was for effective film and content with which to communicate to other business and/or consumers across multiple media platforms. I am able to create content that is entertaining and informational while honoring the brand or message. The final product is strategic, yet technologically current, and can be repurposed in a multitude of applications thus allowing producers and broadcasters to link to, or connect with, the message any way they like through social media networks and traditional platforms."