Your One Stop Shop for Video Production Services in the Midwest.


Chicago, Illinois & Midwest Camera Crews

We are the only independent video production facility in Chicago, Illinois with six full-time camera crews dedicated to remote production services. Our camera crews shoot all over the Midwest, the USA and beyond.

We own all of our equipment (every video format) and keep our six production vehicles fully loaded.

Our personnel are on staff with Big Shoulders which means behind every project you receive a large support network and resources to satisfy every production need. Our Chicago camera crews have a vested interest in your project's success.

Whether we're providing two-person camera crews to shoot for a television show, or fifteen person camera crews for a multi-camera live event, Big Shoulders has the expertise to successfully execute every assignment through the Midwest and USA.

Production Services

  • Specialization in remote production services
  • Single or multicamera productions
  • Flypacks and/or production trucks
  • Behind the Scenes and EPKs
  • Live broadcasts and events
  • Satellite Media Tours