Audio Production for Radio Commercials

Radio advertising is a cost-effective and productive way to reach a target audience and influence radio listeners. Quality radio ad production requires high-quality sound equipment, the right audio engineers, the right talent and a compelling message delivered to engage listeners and bring the product to new ears. The best radio spots stimulate a “theater of the mind,” producing a strong and lasting emotional response.

But good radio ads rarely happen by accident. Careful planning, design, execution and editing move your commercial audio production to the next level and help you achieve your desired outcomes.

Why Choose Radio Advertising?

Custom audio advertising is creative, efficient and effective. Radio ads are a compact and compelling form of advertising that allows companies to tailor and deliver their message with precision and accuracy, and the results are readily measurable and quantifiable. Many radio stations have their own distinctive personality, reflecting the local community and listener environment and offering a fertile ground for sellers to reach the right target audience. In short, radio advertising works.

What Makes Great Radio Ads?

Creativity, quality recording and professional voice talent make for some truly memorable and distinctive radio commercials. Often, we find a subtle blend of emotion and logic appeals to an audience and helps a radio message stand out — radio ads can be funny, serious, mysterious, thoughtful, intriguing, self-deprecating or all of the above!

The goal of a good radio commercial is to take your message and present an audio experience that is evocative, provocative and stimulating. A well-conceived and professionally produced Big Shoulders radio ad cuts through the clutter and sparks the listeners’ imagination.

Do’s and Don’ts of Radio Ad Production

Simplicity and clarity are two of the cardinal virtues of radio production. A good-quality radio commercial combines excellent sound recording, a clear message and professional voice talent. Catchy jingles and sound effects can enhance a radio ad and help listeners create a vivid and authentic picture in their mind. When it all comes together, listeners experience a compelling call to action.

Audio for Live Events

Our audio engineers also ensure that your next live event runs as smoothly as possible. Whatever audio needs you may have for your next event, whether it’s setting up speakers/ microphones, recording audio, or mixing live sound effects – we’re the ones for the job.

Why Choose Big Shoulders for Your Radio Ad Production?

Big Shoulders understands the power of sound engineering and audio production. Our professional audio engineers are nationally recognized experts in commercial radio productions and we have access to the perfect voice talent for your ad. We’ll help you deliver your message with precision, personality and style.

Casting, directing, producing — we do it all. Our collaborative approach ensures you are working with some of the most creative minds in the business. Plus, you’ll get fast turnaround on all our production work. Contact us today to get a quote on our professional audio services!