Your One Stop Shop for Video Production Services in the Midwest.


We are the only independent video production facility in Chicago, Illinois with six full-time camera crews dedicated to remote production services. Our camera crews shoot all over the Midwest, the USA and beyond.

We own all of our equipment (every video format) and keep our six production vehicles fully loaded.

Our personnel are on staff with Big Shoulders which means behind every project you receive a large support network and resources to satisfy every production need. Our Chicago camera crews have a vested interest in your project’s success.

Whether we’re providing two-person camera crews to shoot for a television show, or fifteen person camera crews for a multi-camera live event, Big Shoulders has the expertise to successfully execute every assignment through the Midwest and USA.

Production Services

  • Specialization in remote production services
  • Single or multicamera productions
  • Flypacks and/or production trucks
  • Behind the Scenes and EPKs
  • Live broadcasts and events
  • Satellite Media Tours


We have five Chicago based video editing suites working around the clock on broadcast television shows, spots, corporate videos and public relations packages. We have a full ProTools HD audio suite and voiceover booth. You name it and we can edit it from our Chicago post production house.

We match your project with the talents of one of our four full time staff editors, and an assistant editor is on hand for anything you might need.

We are your one stop video editing shop in Chicago. Any deliverable you need following your edit we can provide. Whether you need to post via the web for instant approval by all necessary decision makers, or 2000 DVD copies, we can do it all.

We have every video format VTR so there is no need for conversion prior to editing.

Our designers collaborate with you through every phase of the creative process for your project. Great video design enhances every job, and we have some of the top designers in the Midwest and Chicago here to lend their creative eye and ideas. Our creative artists understand visual communication and how to convey ideas through images. When you choose to work with Big Shoulders, you will work closely with our Chicago video design extraordinaires in order to breathe life into your creative vision.

Not only do we employ the most talented artists in the Chicago video design arena, we are also outfitted with the most advanced 2D and 3D motion graphic video design equipment. Our Chicago video design tools include the Adobe Creative Cloud and Cinema 4D. Contact Big Shoulders for all your Midwest video design needs and more!


Well known as an award-winning director and editor in advertising, Michael LaBellarte now turns towards branded content.

Lauded for creative storytelling and strong visual skills based on 20 years experience at the forefront of emerging technology, as a Director he can incorporate the best tech offerings with classic filmmaking, meshing them in seamless form as the occasion demands.

“My clients, partners, producers and friends have created some amazing concepts for films, integrated campaigns, websites and mobile apps covering a wide variety of entertainment stories and/or products. Their need was for effective film and content with which to communicate to other business and/or consumers across multiple media platforms. I am able to create content that is entertaining and informational while honoring the brand or message. The final product is strategic, yet technologically current, and can be repurposed in a multitude of applications thus allowing producers and broadcasters to link to, or connect with, the message any way they like through social media networks and traditional platforms.”

“I always strive for a more inclusive awareness for my clients’ brands resulting in a world-centric framework of perception and connection.”

-Michael LaBellarte, Director Branded Content


At Big Shoulders, we recognize the power of professional sound engineering. Whether as a companion to your visuals or as the primary storytelling element – we know audio.


Big Shoulders is a full service video production company; in addition to our shooting, editing and design capabilities, we are fully equipped with a Chicago television studio. Available 24 hours a day 7 days a week to enable any production. Our Chicago TV studio is complete with a greenscreen and an insert stage including a variety of backgrounds to complete the aesthetic of any production.

Our staff is skilled in onsite live interviews, many of which have aired on popular national television networks. Aside from Live Shots, the Big Shoulders Chicago television studio has the capacity to facilitate satellite media tours. Our Chicago TV studio is also furnished with a full control room, a live Ultimatte Keyer, green room and producer / client viewing area.




When it comes to webcasting, we’ve been live streaming for 15 years. Yes, 15 years ago we were streaming live events and archiving them for playback on demand. So please know we are no Johnny-come-lately who thinks they know how to put content on the web because they did it last week on the cool new site “YouTube!”

We are experts at streaming and posting content. We will be a valuable asset to your team in this arena. When you combine our expertise in this area with our world class broadcast equipment, lighting, camera and audio skills, the result is exceedingly professional images. We’re also extremely good at giving you analytics to help prove the ROI. You will know who visited and how often.


One of the many specializations that Big Shoulders has lots of experience in is time lapse! Whether its a few hours or a few years, we have shot and edited dozens of successful time lapses. Some which document crowd capacity or architectural progress, dramatic change, and all of the other things the time lapse process is famous for!

Here are a few examples of how we use time lapse video to create dramatic and impactful images!

Successful time lapses’ start in the pre-production process, so please give us a shout so we can get ahead of the curve!

Additional Services

We are a full service production facility that can handle every detail of your project. Need 2000 copies? We can do it. Need the program in another city within the next four hours? We can do it. We are doing our job when you know you can pick up the phone, tell us what you need, then feel confident knowing it will get done accurately, efficiently, on budget and on time.

  • Scripting and storyboarding
  • Video Approval via Internet
  • Compression – Windows Media, Quicktime, MPEG 1,2 & 4, AVI,
  • Flash, MP4 / H.264, Real Media
  • Video via iPod, iPhone and Cell Phone
  • Web Streaming – Live stream, edited stream, On Demand download or archived media.

  • Duplication Services for all video and compressed formats. A comprehensive list of our duplication service is available with a phone call.
  • Satellite Uplink – VYVX Point to Point Access
  • Transcription, Captioning and Subtitling
  • PR Services – EPKs, SMTs, media trainings, distribution and monitoring
  • Events! We have an event team that coordinates national campaigns.
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