Commercial Video Production Chicago & the Midwest

Big Shoulders Digital Video Production® is the leading full-service commercial video production facility in Chicago, with a national reputation and global reach. We support virtually any type of video production, from commercial, explainer, and training videos to powerful social media content, professional TV advertising, and more. Our video services are highly prized by TV networks, advertising agencies, companies, and organizations across the country and in many different industries.

Commercial Video Production
We collaborate with you from idea inception to the creation and delivery of broadcast-ready commercial video productions. Your messaging drives our professional team of commercial video production experts to produce the best possible strategy, scripts, and storyboards from which we generate impressive industry-leading video products. We’re innovators and leaders in video film shooting, editing, production, transcription, and distribution — Big Shoulders Digital Video Productions® supports all your digital video production needs with world-class expertise, experience, and all the latest equipment in live and studio environments. 

What Are Commercial Videos?
Professional commercial videos are short-form productions for TV, online, and social media designed to achieve advertising and communications goals. Commercial videos explain, promote, or advertise a message, a promise, or a story. 

Commercial advertising videos are generally 30-second or 1-minute teasers or introductions designed to stimulate greater brand awareness, strengthen consumer engagement, or solve problems with brand messaging and product positioning. The best commercial videos produce strong and lasting positive emotional responses and ensure your message is noticed and remembered. 

Working collaboratively with you, we strive to understand your message objectives and execute a compelling commercial video production and delivery strategy to achieve all your goals.

What Is Commercial Video Production and What Does It Include?
Commercial video production is the process of design, creation, and delivery of a polished commercial video product. Initial planning work defines the target audience and relevant messaging. Detailed storyboards are a graphic organization of the narrative to be presented. 

Choosing a storytelling style appropriate for your message is a critical decision, and how that message is presented matters. Professional commercial video productions bring together a wide variety of skills at every point in the process:

  • We find and use the best and most credible onscreen and voice talent for your commercial and marketing videos. 
  • Scripts, casting and directing the film process, graphics animations, and studio or on-site video shooting require careful planning and execution with state-of-the-art digital camera equipment and computer software. 
  • Video editing, graphics and animation, and sound mixing lead to finished commercial videos, and captioning, translation, subtitling, and transcription tasks round out the production process. 
  • Revisions, modifications, and later additions to digital video commercials, and integration with hybrid and virtual events, are part of the post-production and delivery environment at Big Shoulders and can be implemented in any desired format and venue.

Why Should I Use Commercial Video Production from Big Shoulders?
Digital video production is today’s most versatile and powerful form of advertising and commercial production. Impressive visual content and the ability to tell a compelling story in digital video formats lead to greater customer retention and increased awareness of core messages and brand promise. Professional production quality matters — people notice and appreciate high-quality video, and take professional video messages more seriously. Targeted commercial video content has the advantages of being visually appealing, as well as easy to understand and share.

High-quality video products speak for themselves. Marketing campaigns and public-facing social media content are more effective when digital videos deliver a consistent voice and brand packaging across multiple platforms. Plus, videos engage directly with specific demographics and the market segments you’re trying to reach. View counts, engagement statistics, and conversion rates indicate ROI and all demonstrate the competitive advantages of commercial video production. 

Features of a High-Quality Commercial Video
No single formula exists when it comes to planning successful commercial video campaigns, but eye-catching visuals, creative and exciting graphics, powerful sound, and accompanying text delivered uniquely greatly boost your chances of success. Customers strongly identify with messages that recognize and value their needs. Successful commercials support how people see themselves, and clearly but simply articulate how their needs will be met. 

The power of the right 15-20 seconds of message content in a 30-second package shouldn’t be underestimated. The best commercial videos deliver your message with the right style, visuals, people, sounds, settings, and production qualities. High-quality commercial video connects emotionally with the audience, strengthens or creates a sentimental response, and stimulates desired actions.

What Is the Process for Creating a Commercial Video Production?
Many commercials strive for a strong beginning, a middle to build momentum, and an ending CTA or conclusion that leaves the audience with a sense of purpose. Every second counts! Some commercial videos highlight a problem and show how a brand or product can solve the problem. Others look to raise brand awareness, feature something new, or find receptive audiences.

The key to defining an effective high-quality commercial video is to start with a thorough understanding of the message to be delivered. Your messages matter. Professionally designed and executed commercial videos are the most effective way to share them. What are you trying to achieve with this commercial? Is the take-home message clear? What is the payoff for those watching? Only then can the myriad different ways to shape and deliver that message effectively be evaluated and realized. 

Video Ads and TV Commercials
As a full-service video production company, we’re here to serve all your commercial video needs, from conception to production and delivery. Our professional team will work with you every step of the way, crafting messages and storylines. We know the importance of tone and will clarify the best style and format of video production to deliver your message.

Big Shoulders Digital Video Production® has all the right experience, equipment, studios and connections to create commercial videos that are a perfect fit for your marketing strategy. We bring on the right talent, secure locations, film content, and edit commercial videos to your satisfaction. We work with all types of corporate videos, including explainer videos, event videos and other creative content, and can build a strategy to create the impact and effect desired. 

Consider Big Shoulders commercial video production to meet your advertising, promotional, branding, and social media communications goals. Contact us for a quote on your next commercial video.