Drone and Aerial Photography Services in Chicago & the Midwest

Looking for an innovative way to add visual interest to your video productions? Drone footage may be the way to bring your vision to life. Aerial drone photography and videography are ideal for creating stunning videos for real estate marketing, tourism or event promotion, and much more. Drones are extremely versatile, and with the right camera combinations, can create distinctive aerial imagery with incredible impact.

Cost-effective and convenient, high-resolution drones can acquire shots from different angles, generating immediate and lasting emotional responses from viewers. Adding drone videos and aerial photographs to your commercial video production increases viewer interest and engagement.

What Are the Benefits and Uses of Drone Photography and Videography?

Drones provide a unique perspective for stunning visual images, and video productions are useful in a wide range of applications. Drones support smooth video flybys and aerial transitions. They can cover a large area, with unmatched zoom-in capabilities.

Compelling drone aerial photography and videography make a huge impact in retail advertising, real estate marketing, tourism and recreation promotions, construction planning, mapping, logistics monitoring, weddings — in fact, in virtually any application where a sweeping aerial perspective creates a more engaging experience.

Why Choose Big Shoulders Digital Video Productions® for Your Drone and Aerial Photography Needs?

With our expertise and state-of-the-art equipment, Big Shoulders can produce the finest quality drone coverage to suit any application. We have the best drone cameras and professional production facilities for commercial, sales, marketing and promotional video productions.

Our drone pilots are FAA approved and have shot drone coverage on six continents, in all types of flying conditions, and a wide variety of environments. We have experience acquiring images in cities, natural landscapes, public events and festivals, historical sites and many more settings. We manage all types of video production from design to final delivery, with impressively fast turnaround times.

While safety is most important, we offer more than just pilots. We have a creative eye for framing, lighting and aesthetic movement that separates us from the competition. Just pilots cannot compare with a team of pilots, directors of photography, and a post process that helps you get the most professional and creative results including motion stabilization and color correction.

Superior Drone Videography and Photography Services

We offer commercial aerial and drone photography, drone video production and drone film production services. Big Shoulders will design, shoot and edit aerial drone coverage and provide complete production services to meet your needs. We can also combine graphics animation and real-time ground and aerial video to create highly impactful and stunningly beautiful visual stories.

Contact Big Shoulders today for a quote on our aerial drone photography and video production services!