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Video marketing is more important than ever. Interactive 360 videos, augmented reality and live streaming, as well as other forms of immersive multimedia, have made printed marketing materials almost obsolete. Companies worldwide are discovering the importance of video as a marketing tool. Getting started might be difficult if you’ve never had a sales or marketing video produced before, but the team at Big Shoulders makes the video production process easy!

Marketing Video Production

Making sure your message resonates with your target audience by tailoring it to their individual needs and then presenting it in an engaging manner is crucial to closing the sale.

That’s something we at Big Shoulders can help you with.

The first step in your company’s video marketing strategy is to decide what type of video to start with. Explainer and promotional videos, for example, are meant to turn potential consumers into customers. YouTube videos should be interesting, instructive, and engaging, and are a great way to build brand awareness while they educate potential customers about your products or services.

Nothing beats face-to-face interaction when closing a sale, but video is a great alternative when meeting in person isn’t an option. In the hundreds of advertising and marketing video ads we’ve made, we’ve simplified companies’ messages and delivered actionable results.

Regardless of what your company’s objectives are, we have the expertise to assist you in achieving them while also telling your narrative.

We Begin With Your Video Purposes in Mind

Outlining your film’s objectives is a necessary first step in developing a video strategy. You should aim to produce a video for each step of the sales process. Before getting started, you’ll need to choose which step of the sales funnel is most crucial to focus on.


The viewer is made aware of a problem or opportunity in this video. Aim to draw in new customers using videos at this early stage.


The audience is now pondering the best way to deal with the situation at hand. They’re doing their homework, asking around, reading product reviews, and comparing prices to see what the best deal is.


Your audience is close to finding the answer, and you want to stay at the top of everyone’s thoughts. Your product or service should be picked above your competitors based on client satisfaction evidence.

Video Production Steps


During this phase, our video production team will begin brainstorming ideas for a video project. Once we’ve agreed on a video concept, a screenplay must be written out by a member of the team to lay out precisely what will happen in the film. For example, there may be portions in which a certain subject is covered or actors demonstrate products. Storyboards, conversations, and specific situations are all examples of this. Creating a timetable, exploring sites, designing graphics, sets and costuming ideas are all usual activities in this stage.


This is the stage at which the video is created. A camera team will begin filming the video segments throughout the production stage. The team concentrates on lighting, angles, and location throughout the production process to make the video seem as attractive as possible. Animation and/or graphics may be developed at this stage.


A studio will examine the recorded video and audio at this stage. The visual and audio effects and upgrades will then be put together by the team to complete the final product. We’ll use our video editing services to polish the video, and then our team will prepare the project for distribution once it is finalized.

Marketing Video Types to Produce

An important decision to make before recording begins is the sort of video that the final product will be. Here are some of the options:

Demo Videos

Demo films demonstrate how your product works, whether it’s a tour of your software or unpacking and testing a real device. The buyer’s journey is broken down into stages, each of which may be enhanced by video.

Brand Videos

It’s common for a brand video to be part of a wider advertising campaign, highlighting the company’s vision, goal, or goods and services. The purpose of creating a brand video is to raise awareness of your firm while also capturing the attention of your intended audience.

Event Videos

As an event video production company, Big Shoulders has a great deal of experience not only livestreaming events but also creating marketing videos based on important interviews and presentations. An event like a conference or gala only happens once, but our corporate video production services can help you make the most of an event long after it ends.

Expert Interviews

Interviewing internal experts or thought leaders in your field is an excellent way to establish credibility and loyalty with your potential customers. Find the industry influencers and bring these talks to your audience.

This type of video is more than just a high-level overview; it provides useful insights with professionals in your field providing tangible takeaways for viewers. Don’t be scared to be strategic with your interviews — your viewers will benefit from your efforts.

Educational or How-To Videos

Instructional films may educate your viewers on new skills. These marketing films may also provide the groundwork for them to understand your company and its offerings better. This kind of video may be used by your sales and service staff while working with clients.

Explainer Videos

This form of video might assist your audience in understanding why they require your goods or service. Many explainer films center on a fictitious journey of the organization’s corporate consumer persona who’s experiencing difficulties. This individual solves the problem by adopting or purchasing the company’s solution.

SEO and Revenue Are Boosted by Video Marketing

There are a good many reasons to choose professional marketing video production services:
Video is used by 31% of marketers to boost SEO. Because it has the potential to increase the quality and length of time a potential customer spends on your website, an effective video can be an important part of your strategy to improve your search engine rankings.
Over 60% of advertisers report that their product sales costs have increased. A whopping 83% of video marketers think video marketing is a great way to create leads.

Salespeople’s ability to engage and close prospects, as well as customer care teams’ ability to delight and assist them, have all been altered by the widespread use of video marketing. If you want to increase brand recognition, video is an essential part of the equation.
When it comes to the customer experience, video can be a powerful tool for salespeople, and it can do more than just enhance engagement. Cold or unresponsive prospects may be prioritized by salespeople using back-end data.

Services for Video Content Creation

Our customers’ reviews attest to the quality of our work. Because we’re supported by cutting-edge technology, we’re confident in our ability to provide high-quality corporate video production. We provide a wide range of video and photographic services, including corporate video and photography.

Big Shoulders has earned an excellent reputation as a premier Chicago video production company, and we serve clients throughout the Midwest and the US. We want to help you strengthen your brand by working together and expanding on your ideas. From pre-production through post-production, we provide the most comprehensive set of services available.

It’s Time to Start!

It’s an exciting time to enter the world of video marketing. Consumers have come to expect companies of all sizes and all industries to communicate with them through video, and video continues to outperform other kinds of content.
Video content is becoming more important on platforms, and new devices like smartphones and tablets are better equipped for watching videos than ever before. This implies that if you want to stay ahead of the competition, you’ll need to make the most of this incredible marketing tool.
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